Monday, August 1, 2011

Comic book buying

I often get the question "hey how did you come up with that name TandumTornado?  It's possibly the most awesome name ever which means you are totally the number one coolest person on the planet"

I will not divulge my creative secrets to anonymous people on the internet... I still wet the bed, BESIDES THE POINT.  Anywho I want to discuss how to actually go about buying a comic book and being satisfied with your purchase.

A few thing you need to know about comic book are:
1. they are not novels
2. they are not movies
3. each one is unique in its own way

If you think about it choosing a comic book is not an easy task, and probably harder than choosing a movie to watch or a book to read.  On one hand its faster than reading a book but takes a lot longer that watching a movie.  You have the ability to develop a compelling and deep story line... or rely heavily on imagery.  When Choosing a comic book you want to think about what kind of genre you like best, think of what kind of movies you love to watch and what kind of books you like to read.  Now that you have an established subject, weather it's fantasy, crime, space stuff or zombies you have an idea where to start.

Now i know most of you are sitting there and thinking "No really where did you come up with that name TandumTornado?  It's both intriguing and creative, simply delightful"

Well I'll tell you ... right after I talk about the art.

The art.  Its the selling point of every comic book, without it it would just be a script for a play or a really weird novel.  As with all art, some fascinates us and others are revolting.  My only advice is to flip through the comic book you want to buy and read a page, if it doesn't flow well with you put it down and try another.  For me its a hit and miss kind of adventure, I can enjoy art in one book but hate the same art in another.  Just read what is pleasing to your eyes, don't force yourself to read it if you don't like it.

Which brings me to one of my last points.  As with everything entertainment wise there will be critically acclaimed material that the "entire" world loves and adores... that doesn't mean you will like it.  Just because they made a movie about it or they are in the process of making one does not mean its necessarily the best thing that happened to comics since colored ink.  I tend to stay away from over produced comics and hugely popular items (not because I liked it before it was cool you assholes).  but on the truth side of it, they are now hugely over priced and the quality of the story and art goes down because they are just pushing it all out in order to make money.  Take Deadpool for example.  I love Deadpool a lot, I always have and always will.  After that damn movie came out there was a high demand for more Deadpool, and as we all know the only thing since then that was worth reading was the Deadpool and Cable collection, everything else was more or less crap.  Unfortunately it happens often and we cannot do anything about it but prey it gets better again eventually.

So lets recap.

BUY WHAT YOU THINK WILL BE INTERESTING, not what everyone else things.  If you follow those guild lines you will be fine.  Oh and don't forget about buying online, because you can always find the first book online unlike in stores where they will have volumes 2 through 14 and never the first one.  (fucking stores I hate you).

I bid you farewell for now, because I'm headed out to see the Red Sox play before they get rained out, Fuck you weather, Fuck you.


  1. i love to Read Conan, and The Walking Dead :)

  2. Great advice! My favorite is Witchblade, but its been years since I've picked on up

  3. Of monstrous lust the due and just reward: Following!

  4. instead of art you would have your imagination :p

    I read manga years ago, but I just become too lazy to read anything right now :S

  5. next you should do some of your favorites and why :)

  6. "the walking dead" and "cowboys and aliens" are my favorites.

  7. i only like richie rich and conan, everything else dissapoints me.

  8. The Walking Dead kick ass and Japanese Manga!

  9. I personally enjoy just about any comic or manga