Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Old Republic

Alright this is simple.  I'm by no means a huge MMO fan and I've become bored with games like WoW and Guild Wars, mainly because they don't my attention very well.  BUT!  Lone behold BioWare and LucasArts have teamed up to create "The Old Republic".  For those non-gamers or people who haven't heard about this game please check it out.  It holds some promise that I hope they can deliver to fans around the world.
So I'm going to dump my knowledge about the game itself.  Its slotted to release this fall (most likely get pushed back but no big deal) and its more or less LucasArts third installment of the KOTOR series.  It is unknown why they decided to make it into a MMO instead of a regular RPG like the others were.  Obviously it takes place back in the Old Republic time period which was approximately 5000 years prior to the battle of Yavin (the first death star battle).  The story line is more or less character based but the whole basis around the game is the emergence of the Sith who were thought to have been dead and disbanded.  It seems they were in hiding and consolidating their forces in order to launch a successful attack against the Jedi Order.  Blah Blah Blah Pew Pew Zap!  Some frames later we have news about this MMO and what it will entail.  But First ill place in the original E3 trailer that swept Star Wars fans hearts across the globe.
That was back in 2009, the first real release of the game during E3.  As time went on fans became more and more impatient with the lack of information that was being released to them.  It wasn't until E3 2010 that news about the game really started to take effect in the media.  We learned more about the classes, "Game Informer" wrote articles about it and they released more videos like the one above.
The thing I love about these trailers isn't just the epic battles between the Jedi and Sith counterparts but its how everyone else plays a crucial part in the battle.  When we watched the movies or played the games they were always Force wielding character heavy.  In KOTOR series your main character was force sensitive and you usually added one or both allies with force powers as well.  That's just how it was precieved that Jedi and Sith were on an entirely different power level than everyone else, more like God's meddling in human or intergalactic species affairs.  This new MMO gives an amazing perspective which was never before achieved with the equality between classes of people.  It shows how you can't just hack and slash your way to the objective as a Sith lord because there will be bounty hunters and smugglers who can give you one hell of a fight in you way the entire time.  It allows for that team tactic fighting where you dont have just seven Jedi vs. 7 Sith but instead you will have some Sith assassins fighting a Jedi and a few smugglers.

As time goes by we slowly learn more and more about the game.  Even if you don't play MMO's the fact that BioWare is the lead creator of this game and LucasArts is backing them up you should be contemplating a change of heart or gaming style because this may change the Star Wars Universe the most since the movies we grew up loving.  Going back on the BioWare aspect of the games creation you cant ignore how that will dictate the outcome of the game play.  BioWares most currently successful projects have been in the Mass Effect series and we all know how well those have been doing.  Yea we are all waiting in childish anticipation for the third installment.  They are not new to telling an epic story line, especially when its placed in front of them on a golden platter.  With titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Ages boosting their recent developmental skills I have full confidence that this game will be no disappointment.  Now we all know E3 2011 just occurred and yes they released yet another trailer for our one and only "The Old Republic" and here it is.
Once again showing the importance of multiple classes and how to use them to your advantage.  As we looked through these videos we noticed in the first one the non-force wielding heavy hitter was the bounty hunter aiding the Sith in their initial assault on the Jedi Order, but when we watch the third video we see how effective a smuggler can be.

I leave you with these videos and your own thoughts about this upcoming game and I hope you can all appreciate how far fan fiction can take a trilogy of films starting in 1977 and evolve it throughout into modern day and what we all hope will expand far into the future.


  1. Dude I love star wars and I wait for TOR too :D I must buy TOR :D

  2. there will never be as good a version of star wars as...Beneath The Planets of The Apes.
    just kidding!
    cool post

  3. Okay, this might be one of the few mmos I actually like

  4. Hmm... I am a fan of MMO... but only the FPSMMO's like battlefield and call of duty... well not sure the newer versions qualify as massive multi... but still. Might have to give this a try though.

  5. Greatt! Hit me back,

  6. Wow, that cinematic trailer was awesome. Hope the game is half as good.

  7. The second video looks awesome! I might get that game!

  8. I was extremely hyped for this game when they first showed it... until I got a glimpse of Guild Wars 2. Will still play this after awhile because I'm a Star Wars fanboy lol

  9. ........................................
    Will it actually rock?!